Name of the Project Amount Allocated Name of the Principal Investigator Department
Environmental impacts on soil and water quality with special reference to pharma industry using remote sensing and geographical investigation systems 2,40,000/- Dr.P.Rajasekhar Civil
Degradation of some of the Usepa listed recalcutrants using nano size semi conductors 2,50,000/- Dr.P.Sarith Civil
Image and gesture based single user transportation system 97,000/- Dr.M.J.C.Prasad ECE
Load Flow contingency analysis, state estimation and optimal operation 1,80,500/- Mrs.Lakshmi Swaroopa EEE
Single phase bidirectional PWM converter for microgrid systems P.Shankar Babu EEE
Green synthesis of gold nano particles used in Tumor targeted drug delivery system 2,59,000/- Dr.A.Madhusudan Chemistry
Synthesis characterization of Cu, Co and Au moxifloxacin nano metal complexes by eco-friendly methods and their biological applications 3,10,000/- Dr.S.Kondaiah Chemistry
Tunnable white light luminescence properties of rare earth ions doped MnAl2O4 Hybrid nano particles 1,50,000/- Dr.T.G.V. Mallikarjuna Rao Physics
Hybrid Power transmission through Fluid coupling 2,60,000/- Mr.V.Narsimha Reddy Mechanical