Research Plan

S.No Name of the Activity Duration
1 Research Center 1 Month
2 SIRO Recognition 1 Month
3 Updating the Professional Chapters 2 months
4 Research schemes 2 months
5 Papers Publishing
6 NIRF 1 Month
7 Identification of Sponsoring Agencies 1 Month
8 Center of Excellence 1 Month
9 MOUs 2 Months
10 Books Publishing and Patents 2 months

Research Plan:

In order to achieve the intended strategic objectives, the following targets are identified for the forthcoming five year planning period:

  1. Establish at least three further research centres;
  2. Establish at least three research partnerships with academic institutions for collaborative research on agreed projects of mutual interest;
  3. Host at least one international conference per year;
  4. Host at least three national workshops per year;
  5. Attract research funds from external sources to a value of at least EGP 30M by the end of the planning period;
  6. Attract five internationally leading figures across a range of subject areas‎ for externally funded collaborative research activities involving grants of EGP 100k cash each;
  7. Develop and implement a benchmarking mechanism for evaluating research performance;
  8. Have each research active member of academic staff publish in Science Citation Index (CIS)-recognised or equivalent international journals;
  9. Annually monitor and review academic staff citations and their Hirsch (h)-index;
  10. Support at least 20 TAs to complete their part-time PhDs with Loughborough University and other partner universities under the agreed collaborative programmes by 2017;
  11. Encourage our Teaching Assistants and graduates to undertake research degrees abroad and return to the MREC(A);
  12. Obtain approval from the Supreme Council of Private Universities for the MREC (A) to award its own PhD Degree as soon as feasible.