Vision & Mission


Striving to be centre of excellence in civil engineering education. To provide students the latest learning techniques and a complete knowledgebase for sustainable development of society.


Provide value based technical education and empower the students to become competent professionals.


1) To make the students useful for Building Industry directly after completing Civil Engineering

2) To Prepare and Develop Excellent notes,Transperencies to use O.H.P,and System of Power
    Point Projection to Use in Teaching activity.

3) To prepare working models in the subject Hydraulic Machines by using prospective and
    transparent PVC, plastic sheets.

4) To develop Geology Lab by collecting valuable minerals and rocks, and displaying all the
    available minerals in a show-case, to create a show room for the lab.

5) To extend the consultancy activities for industrial sectors. and to Develop Existing Consulting
    Cell in the Department.

6) To train the faculty on latest technologies and improve their teaching methodologies.

7) To establish a platform where the industry and institution can interact and thereby expose the
    students to the industry environment.

8) To establish a center of excellence in the areas of Consultancy Work And Research in
    Construction Field.

9) To introduce Post Graduate Degree courses in Civil Engg. subjects like Structural Engg.,
    Transportation Engg. and Water Management Engg.

10)To sign M.O.Us with establishments of Civil Engg. Firms to exchange know how, and to provide
    consultancy services, and to register the Civil Engg. Department with GHMC to obtain License to
    extend Consultancy Services on broad basis, and certification as per the Municipal by Laws,
    Aiming at 100% placement of the students