Workshop on Internet of Things(IoT)


Report on “Internet of Things (IoT)” By IBM India Pvt Ltd

The Department of CSE has organized Workshop on “Internet of Things(IoT)” on 04/11/2016 resource person is Mr. C. Yuktesh, IBM India Pvt Ltd.

Principal’s Message:

Dr. S. Sudhakar Reddy Garu addressed the gathering. He started by encouraging the students to attend workshops related to latest technologies. Already Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics workshops are successfully conducted. Now we are dealing with IoT. IoT stands for Internet of Things, and it became a buzz word in the sector. In future IoT shall lead the world, he also added the real time examples like a car driving without a man (driver), Robotics, Medical applications, etc. He also explained his experiences such as e-mail and how it helped to communicate in less time and also delivered the messages to all. He instructed the students to adopt for the multitasking environment, by learning the new technologies

Resource Person: Mr. C. Yuktesh’s Message:

Mr. Yutkesh started with the introduction about IoT, a new technology not only for CSE background students but also to all the technical background students and therefore should learn IoT. Always the students must adapt to new technologies and new subjects. They should show their interest towards future technologies because of surviving becomes hard without multitasking skills. Always the students should note important points while attending the workshop as well as classes. This one day IoT workshop is just a start of whole new things to come. They should not stop here and should continue learning from various sources like Google, Youtube, etc.

He gave a brief description on IoT. IoT is a collection of five buzzwords: Cloud, Analytics, Mobility, Security, and Social (CAMSS), without which IoT does not exist. He mentioned how IBM has implemented IoT and also about Bluemix tools. He also talked about applications of IoT such as Home Automation, where appliances such as Lights, Fan, etc. can be controlled from a remote location. He also shared his industry and real time knowledge.