Research & Development

UGC-Minor Research Projects Approved

Name of the Project Amount Allocated Name of the Principal Investigator Department
Load Flow contingency analysis, state estimation and optimal operation 1,80,500/- Mrs.Lakshmi Swaroopa EEE
Single phase bidirectional PWM converter for microgrid systems 2,60,000/- P.Shankar Babu EEE

Project-Electric Vehicle :

An EV is any vehicle that uses electricity as energy for propulsion. When compared to a conventional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle, the main differences are:
  • EVs have an electric motor instead of an ICE.
  • EVs store energy in a battery rather than a fuel tank.
  • EVs source energy via a plug and cable rather than a petrol browser.

  • Paris

  • A high efficient DC-DC Converter with low harmonic distortion is modeled in laboratory and adopted designed and tested in Electric Vehicle by consideration on road analysis.
  • Zero Emission Vehicle.
  • Designed by IVth year students under the Guidance of Dr. M. Lakshmiswarupa, Professor, EEE Department.