To enhance extensive knowledge in the fundamentals and enable the future engineers to have a competitive edge.


To put forth formidable steps along the path of excellence to master the foundation tools - Mathematics, Sciences viz. Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences and Communication skills that all engineers require.
To ensure the adept teaching faculty in training the learners and rendering a congenial learner-friendly environment.
To make available accessibility of laboratory resources and infrastructural facilities to cater to the needs of the learners.

Objectives :

Our students need to develop in an all-round manner and must understand the human and the social contexts within which all professional activities take place. For this reason the programmes should have more content, related to Humanities and Social Sciences. Science and Humanities plays a vital role in bringing out the students’ total personality to impart and enhance the advanced knowledge & skills and prepares them to meet the growing challenges of the industry and diverse societal needs of our nation.

Thus the objectives of the Department are :

1) To impart science-based engineering education to develop professional skills that will prepare the students for immediate employment in the relevant branch of engineering in industry, as against the model that just prepares them for post-graduate education.

2) To develop communication skills so that the students are able to express ideas clearly and persuasively, in written and oral forms.

3) To develop among students the ability to work with others, in professional and social settings.

4) To create among students the curiosity, the desire and the ability to keep learning throughout life.

5) To develop an understanding among students of the human, social and business context in which they will utilize their engineering skills.

6) To develop a global view among students so that they can appreciate diversity in the world and in intellectual pursuits.

7) To develop ability to recognize and appreciate the importance of ethical standards in professional work.