School Concept on STAAD.Pro software Training program for Civil Students from 27-12-2016 to 03-01-2017



Reliable Environmental Solutions has a staff of qualified professionals who serve as an invaluable resource in the ever-changing environmental world. They are providing practical application of the various government regulations and guide our students from start to finish though the often times overwhelming world of environmental compliance. Our memorandum of understanding serves to provide practical knowledge to the students by taking them to different areas like water management and waste management projects.



Coordinator : B. Vamsi Krishna

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Pro CAD TECHNOLOGIES is a pioneer in education with focus on quality and technical concepts. The Unique Selling Point is their expertise and excellence in transfer of Software knowledge to Academic students in the form of Finishing School.

We have a tie up with this institute and so civil software trainings are automatic\will be no problem. We believe that software training is an endless chain of learning for any professional. Our students acquired excellent academic records and industrial exposure.

We are regularly in contact with the institute for the students benefits. which makes us updated with the Industries/Placement requirements



Coordinator : B. Vamsi Krishna & V. Ranjith Kumar

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Because in EPRLABs, you design a product, solder it, program it, test it and finally create your own product.
You will gain loads of confidence which be your vital strength for your career.

“100 % knowledge guaranteed & delivered”

“you could visit our tech centers in-person and obtain feedbacks from our students anytime..”
For ECE, E&I and EEE Engineers
Make Objects +Gadgets +Robots

1. Circuit Design
2. Soldering + Testing
3. MCU Programming
4. Debugging
5. PCB Making

Pantech Prolabs India Pvt Ltd :

Pantech Prolabs India Pvt Ltd is best known for manufacturing and marketing of high-quality, state-of-the-art Engineering Lab Equipments and Electronic Hobby Kits. Its products are delivered across the globe and many satisfied customers are the best guarantee of its first-rate service.Many of our products are also extensively used by Hobbyists, Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation, Communication and Bio Medical engineers.


Robotics is a rapidly growing field, as technological advances continue; researching, designing, and building new robots serve various practical purposes, whether domestically, commercially, or militarily. Many robots do jobs that are hazardous to people such as defusing bombs, mines and exploring shipwrecks. We specialize providing Research and Development activities in the field of Robotics. We provide hands on experience to students in training in this area of expertise.

MKR industrial automation & services :

We train engineering graduates for Industrial Automation and Control panel Manufacturing. The projects undertaken by the students at the company involves Electrical motors, Micro controllers and instruments used in the Power, steel, cement, Pharma, OEM and other industry for process/production control including software development.


Autodesk Authorized Academic Partners help student community to shape the future of design and engineering education with training, and support tailored to academic program. Enhance student and educator skills with Autodesk software, integrate it into curricula and projects, and build a pool of on-campus faculty and student experts with real-world design skills. Autodesk offers educational resources to inspire and engage students in problem-solving, collaboration, and creative thinking—essential skills for 21st century careers. Improve your skills with educational resources, projects, and community support. Whether you’re just getting started, mastering a discipline, or becoming an expert. Real-world design projects and learning modules enable quick success.

Techniaids Hydraulic Industries Pvt. Ltd. :

This company is engaged in the production and distribution f hydraulic products. It provides training to the students in the development of hydraulic products related to their mini/major projects which helps them in gaining practical exposure and securing placements.

APL MEC Systems, Hyderabad:

It is involved in manufacturing and assembly of defence store like igniter hardware for Konkurs and Invar missiles at BDL, Pryocartridges for IGMP at DRDO and various other precision components for HAL, machine took, prototype factory Ambernath, ammunition factory kirkee etc. This company also undertakes design and manufacture of dies and moulds, press tools and jigs and fixtures. Students undergo internships to learn various design concepts and its implementation.

Pooja Priya Engineering Works- Hyderabad. Manufacturing of Jigs and fixtures :

It provides lending support to Malla Reddy Engineering College (Autonomous) by deputing their engineers to deliver industry oriented theoretical and practical knowledge to the students and faculty. It provides necessary tools for conducting the Research & Development activities. Organize industrial visit to the students. To encourage the students to take up real time project work it provides stipend.

OPT Integrated Design solutions :

With its professionals expertise it imparts training programs, Research and Development activities to students and faculty of Mechanical Engineering Department. OPT Integrated Design solutions has a vast experience in Research and Development Activities in the field of Designing. It conducts training program to streamline the various know how of designing tools and its applications. It provides industry related designed training and conceptualizes it. It assists students in mini/major projects related to PRO-E, AUTOCAD, ANSYS AND FLUENT etc.

VORTON Tech Solutions PVT LTD. Hyderabad. :

It facilitates workshop related to robotic event named “Cursed Castle” during AKSHARA – A Technical Paper Presentation. It provides necessary training to the students to perform required task with robots i.e. designing, implementation to carry out specified task by robots to get real time exposure.

Imperial Society of Innovative Engineers (ISIE): IMPERIAL SOCIETY OF INNOVATIVE ENGINEERS (ISIE):

ISIEINDIA is the most popular and favourite E-mobility Motorsports, Education and Research Publication organisation in India among engineering institutes and green energy research organisation. ISIEINDIA become the epicenter of green energy concept development in India. They are motivating people (Engineers + Future Engineers) to work on New and Renewable Sources of Energy. It gives the platform to new start-ups, Innovative ideas and to passionate people, who really want to contribute to society.

CIM Technologies:

CIM TECHNOLOGIES is a small scale engineering industry registered under SSI. It is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, which deals in manufacturing and machining of Aerospace and special purpose components for an engineering industry.

CIM TECHNOLOGIES was formed in 2008. Managed by an experienced team of highly skilled in CNC field and dedicated tool room personnel specialized in design and manufacturing of Aerospace components.

It has a group of CAM programmer, strict quality control management, state of art CAD-CAM system and highly precision CNC milling machine to take project from concept to completion with total efficiency.

PGP Electronics pvt ltd :

PGP Electronics was started with the mission of serving the electronic industry and educational institutions by providing them with quality electronic equipment at low cost. PGP offers a wide range of products which cater to the needs of electronic industry and educational institutions. The product range includes Signal sources; Function Generators, DC Regulated Power supplies..., measuring equipment; Digital Volt/Current meters,….., specialized equipment; DC nano Ammeter, Micro Volt meter…., educational trainers; Basic to advanced including analog & digital communication, Fiber Optics…., and more.

HP :

HP Electronics, Inc. was established in 1983 and has since become a leader in professional sound systems, video systems, communication systems and integrated low voltage control systems. The growth of the company is directly attributable to our corporate philosophy of providing customer service at a level that makes client satisfaction the most important product we can provide. As a licensed electrical contractor specializing in low voltage electronic systems, distribution sub-systems and fiber-optic transport media, we have established the methodology and management control allowing for the installation of the highest quality products at extremely competitive rates. It is our goal to be the most sought after Electronic Systems Contractor in the Industry. Our pledge is to provide the highest level of design, service and installation in a manner that our customers will readily refer HP Electronics, Inc. to others.

Unistring technologies pvt ltd :

UTS being ISO 9001:2008 certified company, follows standard procedures while executing the projects, to ensure long term success to client, by delivering fully verified, reusable and well documented software and hardware modules. UTS being an IP core developer in several disciplines, it has been involved in design and development of VLSI / FPGA / Embedded platform based applications in several state of the art technologies. This R&D experience enables UTS to offer world class products & services to VLSI and Embedded industry with less design turnaround time.

Prayog labs :

Prayog Labs Pvt. Ltd. promotes and establishes scientific research and development in electronics. It also acts as a solution provider for organizations engaged in export of IT and IT enabled services. Prayog offers a variety of product development services suitable for any company throughout their product development process. Prayog labs has highly experienced engineering design service team can step into projects at any stage.

CA Education :

CA Education’s offer a robust catalog of more than 400 courses delivered, instructors teach more than 3,500 classes each year. Top notch instructors and award-winning content delivered in a variety of engaging formats make CA Education the best choice for your team’s training needs. Equipped with the deepest knowledge instructors have huge industry experience and have earned a 94% satisfaction rating overall! We provide flexible options to get your team up on your schedule. Many of CA Education’s virtual learning classes can be paired with a Virtual Lab—a fully functional practice environment in which students can test and sharpen their skills risk-free before applying them in a live environment.

IBM Career Education :

IBM and Malla Reddy Engineering College (Autonomous) have collaborated in order to equip students with knowledge and skills which will better position them in today’s dynamic IT industry. It aims to make the workforce future ready, leading to enhanced employability. The courses are designed to develop the right skills and nurture basic competencies that are needed to success in this dynamic industry. The program curriculum brings together the latest software content, real-world industry experience, hands-on lab courses and best practices, all into a single unique education program, to prepare students to be readily acceptable in the IT industry and by leading IT companies. It also caters to a requirement of college curriculum of Projects based on real world problems, which students can now undertake under the guidance of experts. Through application of knowledge, reflective thinking, hands-on exploration and team interaction, this live work experience will familiarize you with industry-standard methodologies like RUP and IBM Rational Tools and deployment on IBM Middleware. The module covers all phases of application development right from understanding various challenges and analyzing requirements of a particular industry, to designing, developing, testing and deploying a suitable solution.

NVIDIA GPU Education Center :

Malla Reddy Engineering College today announced that it has been named a GPU Education Center by NVIDIA, the world leader in visual computing. GPU Education Centers are recognized institutions that have integrated GPU computing techniques into their mainstream computer programming curriculum. It leverages the parallel processing capabilities of GPU accelerators and enabling software to deliver dramatic increases in performance for scientific, analytics, engineering, consumer, and enterprise applications. Malla Reddy Engineering College was recognized for its commitment to advancing the state of parallel programming education. MREC will have access to NVIDIA GPU hardware and NVIDIA parallel programming experts and resources, including educational webinars, an array of teaching materials, and access to the NVIDIA CUDA Cloud Training Program.

Blackbucks :

Blackbuck aims at raising the bar in engineering education in India. Blackbucks is in to real-time application development services to Engineering students. We transform ideas of the students into reality and if we could manage to get investments for any of the products, the revenues are shared with the college and students. This is an idea that is win-win-win for us, students and the colleges.

The SAP University :

The SAP University Alliances program enables real-life, future-oriented training by making cutting-edge SAP technologies available to educators and students. This program is aimed to actively integrate SAP software into their teaching. It exposes students to leading SAP technologies and experts through networking and educational activities and partner networking. SAP University Alliances conducts popular innovation sharing events like InnoJam and application development programs globally.

Intel Developer Zone :

The Intel Developer Zone (Intel DZ) is an international program designed by Intel to encourage and support students in developing applications for Intel hardware and software products. This will enhance students to get an insight into the key stages of the software life cycle from planning to development and in various forms: web sites, newsletters, developer conferences, trade media, and blogs. Intel Developer Zone program has combined many of the earlier Intel software programs including: the Intel AppUp Developer Program, the Intel Software Partner Program, and the Intel Software Network (ISN).


Autodesk Authorized Academic Partners help student community to shape the future of design and engineering education with training, and support tailored to academic program. Enhance student and educator skills with Autodesk software, integrate it into curricula and projects, and build a pool of on-campus faculty and student experts with real-world design skills. Autodesk offers educational resources to inspire and engage students in problem-solving, collaboration, and creative thinking—essential skills for 21st century careers. Improve your skills with educational resources, projects, and community support. Whether you’re just getting started, mastering a discipline, or becoming an expert. Real-world design projects and learning modules enable quick success.


AWS Educate is Amazon's global initiative that gives student and educator hands-on experience with AWS technology, cloud training resources, course content and collaboration forums. Student community can access industry-shaping technology. It facilitates coursework, better managing college operations or accessing high-performance computing for demanding research projects.


The Oracle Academy program offers access to world-class software, Java development environments, curriculum, faculty training, certification preparation, and more - all designed to help you increase the relevance of your academic programs and easily expand your course offerings. Prepare your students and equip them with the IT skills they need to compete in today’s job market. Students can demonstrate Oracle and Java knowledge with a professional distinction that is recognized across the IT industry.


Cisco Networking Academy delivers a comprehensive, 21st century learning experience to help students develop the foundational ICT skills needed to design, build, and manage networks, along with career skills such as problem solving, collaboration, and critical thinking. Student’s complete hands-on learning activities and network simulations to develop practical skills that will help them fill a growing need for networking professionals around the world. Networking Academy uses a public-private partnership model to create the "world's largest classroom


    MOU’s with Industry

  • Malla Reddy Group has signed an MoU with TechMahindra, Hyderabad., under this TechM will train our Students recruited by TechMahindra every year will be given in-house training to the students & also conduct FDP program for faculties as per Memorandum of Understanding to this effect.

  • MREC has also signed an MoU with IBM. After attaining the status of IBM - Centre of Excellence. Under the Memorandum of Understanding the College has the privilege of
    • Training the faculty and students using IBM Software.
    • Orienting and guiding the faculty and students towards free product certification.
    • IBM will provide its Technology products and services for training programs.

  • Focus Academy for Career Enhancement (FACE), Chennai to train our final year students.





It is for the purpose of enhancing knowledge and skills in the area of geospatial informatics and to jointly work towards providing professional education and research projects to students of MREC to enable them become industry ready.

Allinnov Research and Development Private Limited has complementary experience in making new utility invention patents, commercializing inventions through entrepreneur sourcing, developing new invention while training trainee inventors and certifying them. Allinnov is a start of art company to train and entertain development of new innovative, patentable utility inventions along with students and faculties.

Atrite private limited provides training and development of all IT & Software Projects with the technical assistance to carry out activities that will improve or expand the support they provide to training and development producers they source from ad improve its competitiveness. Atrite private limited shall conduct a strategic planning exercise to review their out growing operations. The results of this exercise will assist the implementation of its operations and will help identify areas where Atrite private limited can provide capacity building support.

BGR Mining and Infra Limited will provide internships, industrial visits and placements to the students of Civil, Mechanical, Mining and MBA. It helps in providing quality knowledge in respect of safety, methodology and good work culture.

Dhanush Engg Services India Pvt . Ltd will carry out following responsibilities
• Design the course curriculum.
• Identify qualified and experienced trainer.
• Training shall be imparted of which 60% of class room training and 40% lab training.
• Provide one copy of printed course material to management and it is mandatory to bring the course material to classroom by all students to refer and make necessary notes wherever applicable.

Fraternity of Mechanical and Automotive Engineers agreed to conduct summer training on designing and manufacturing of quad bike.

Based on the availability of slots and vacancies the following will be provided by Geo Spark Solutions to the students of Mining, Mechanical, Civil & MBA.
• Internships
• Industrial Visits
• Placements
• Guest Lectures
• Consultancy projects.

Netar Software Services Pvt Ltd is in business of developing Remote Infrastructure Management, Cloud Services, Information Security, Mobile Technology and Web Services for specific industries in the field of Software Development. It will help in
• Recognizing the importance of research and development in mobile development thrust areas.
• To promote and excel manpower in the field of Computer science and Engineering domain.
• To condense the aperture between Industry and Institute.
• To nourish the stakeholders with cutting edge technologies.

Reference Globe provides student promotion services like
• Promoting the students of organization of reference globe partnered companies online directly.
• Maintaining student verified online CV and video resume of promoted students.
• Enabling students to apply for internships to reference globe partnered companies online directly.

Sakrobotix lab pvt ltd is involved in research and development activities like designing, developing, marketing and selling of robots, do it yourself robotics learning kits, robotic toys and robotic education. Its services and products are available at different places in India.

Synxa IT Pvt Ltd emphasizes on providing quality and productive technical services to technical institutions and startup companies to enhance skills and productivity. It supports by providing
• Technical Trainings
• Internship
• Technical Workshops
• Joint research projects
• R & D cell Establishment
• Placements
• Startup culture

VVVInfotech will provide Training and Development of all IT & Software Projects in the areas like Autocad, IOT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence etc. It supports by providing internships and assisting in establishing incubation centres.

Zonta Technologies will help in transferring technology-industry experience sharing the students and staff. It will assist to design, guide, facilitate and conduct research development activities.