Women’s grievance Cell

A Committee for Women the well being and safety of the female students has been constituted by MREC .To ensure and safeguard the wellbeing of all in the campus. The main objectives behind starting the cell is to gain an insight into the problems that the female students may face in the campus and suggest and plan measures and take necessary action and ensure a safe and healthy atmosphere for every student. The cell conducts workshops and monthly sessions where the girl students are invited to participate and contribute. Such platforms aim at identifying and meeting the special/diverse needs of each individual in the college community; physical, intellectual, social, emotional, psychological and professional. The Women’s Grievance Cell is headed by the Head of the department, H&S, Dr. D.Sudha Rani and a team of Faculty and Students. Frequent visits to the Girls hostel and recording and implementing measures to curb any kind of problems are carried out by the cell.