StuAffairs Dean Student Affairs
Dr K Hari babu
Assoc Professor, H&S

Coordinator Details

Student Affairs Coordinator
Assoc Professor, CE
Student Affairs Coordinator
Ms. Nuvvula Harini
Assistant Professor, ME
Student Affairs Coordinator
Assistant Professor, ECE
Student Affairs Coordinator
Dr. Sarlana Sandhya Rani
Assoc Professor, CSE
Student Affairs Coordinator
Mr.Goski Sathish
Assistant Professor, IT
Student Affairs Coordinator
Mr Kesava Vamsi Krishna V.
Assoc Professor, H&S
Student Affairs Coordinator
Mr. Gundu Venu
Assistant Professor, EEE
Student Affairs Coordinator
V.Prasannakumar Reddy
Assistant Professor, Mining
Student Affairs Coordinator
Mrs. P Rajitha
Assoc Professor, MBA

Student Affairs Division of MREC (A) plays an active and vital role to enable students to develop right habits and attitude towards their studies, career and community. It educates them about the need for cultivating discipline, dedication and dynamism in their academic and day to day life. Social, cultural and physical activities that promote students’ creativity, positivity and well-being are promoted through the Student Affairs division. It organizes a host of activities such as seminars, talks and workshops that are aimed at enabling students to use the existing resources, creative talent and technology for their academic and professional success. Enabling students to utilize the existing infrastructural facilities, providing various platforms to mobilize their passion and energy and guiding them to participate and excel in curricular, cocurricular, extracurricular, social service, and community welfare are some of key activities taken up by the Student Affairs division. Activities and programs aimed at students' moral and ethical development that promote the importance of being accountable for misbehaviour, while also assisting students in becoming disciplined and well-informed students, graduates, and members of society are also organized. The Division is also actively engaged with areas such as academic success, stress free learning environment, physical and mental relaxation activities, recreational activities, technology use for skill development, awareness about importance of soft skills, technical skills and technologies and understanding the needs and demands of the industry and job market.