1) Information on collaboration with different government and non-government agencies in India and outside India for Innovation?
Information on collaboration with Government and non-government agencies in India and outside India
S.No Title of the Research/Project Name of the Faculty/Student Name of the Organization Year Inside/Outside India
1 Hybrid power transmission through fluid coupling Mr.V.Narasimha Reddy UGC under minor Research Project 2014 Inside India
2 Smart Auditorium Monitoring Mr.P.Kamalakar Value Mart shopping Mall (Non-government) 2016 Inside India
3 Four Quadrant Operation of DC motor speed with Microcontroller Dr.M.Lakshmiswarupa Harish Electricals Ltd 2016 Inside India

2) Brief Profile of three faculty members can work as a mentor of start-ups to be incubated in the incubator
S.No Name of the Faculty Member Designation Department
1 Dr.M.Lakshmi swarupa Professor EEE
2 Dr.P.Ramachandran Professor MECH
3 Dr.R.P.Ramkumar Professor CSE

3) Information on Entrepreneur Development Activities (Last 5 Years) (Workshops/Hackathons/Seminars/Business Plan competitions/Course on Entrepreneurships)
S.No Activity Title of the Activity Name of the Coordinator Month Year
1 Seminar Financial opportunities for Lady entrepreneurs in India Mrs.P.Parameshwari June 2015
2 Seminar Business Plan competition for all MBA and B.Tech students Mrs.P.Parameshwari July 2016