Projects Sanctioned

S.No Academic Year Name of the Principal Investigator Project Title Funding Agency Agency type (Govt/Pvt) Project Grant(INR) Revenue Generated Year of Sanction Status
1 2014-2015 Dr.P.SARITHA Degradation of some of the USEPA listed recalcitrants using nanosized semi conductors UGC Government 250,000.00 250,000.00 Nov, 2014 Completed
2 2014-2015 Dr. P. Raja Sekhar Environmental impact on soil and water quality with special reference to pharma industry using remote sensing and geographical investigation system UGC Government 240,000.00 240,000.00 Jan, 2015 Completed
3 2014-2015 Mrs. M. Laksmiswarupa Load Flow, Contingency Analysis, State estimation and optimal operation UGC Minor Research Project Government 180,500.00 180,500.00 Sep, 2014 Completed
4 2014-2015 Mr. P. Sankar Babu Single Phase Bidirectional PWM converter for Micro Grid Systems UGC Minor Research Project Government 260,000.00 260,000.00 Jan, 2015 Completed
5 2014-2015 Mr.V.Narasimha Reddy Hybrid Power Transmission through fluid coupling UGC Government 252,500.00 252,500.00 Sep, 2014 Completed
6 2014-2015 Dr.S.Kondaiah Synthesis characterization of Cu, Co and Au moxifloxacin nano metal complexes by eco-friendly methods and their biological applications UGC Government 310,000.00 310,000.00 Jan, 2015 Completed
7 2014-2015 Dr.A.Madhusudan Green synthesis of gold nano particles used in Tumor targeted drug delivery system UGC Government 259,000.00 259,000.00 Mar, 2015 Ongoing
8 2014-2015 Dr.T.G.V. Mallikarjuna Rao Tunnable white light luminescence properties of rare earth ions doped MnAl2O4 Hybrid nano particles UGC Government 150,000.00 150,000.00 Jan, 2015 Ongoing
9 2015-2016 Dr. M.J.C. Prasad Image and Gesture Based Single Transportation System UGC Government 97,000.00 97,000.00 Sep, 2014 Completed
10 2017-2018 Dr.N.Rajeswaran Software Defined Radio- LabVIEW AICTE, MODROBS Government 1,271,000.00 1,271,000.00 May, 2019 Completed
11 2017-2018 Mrs. M. Laksmiswarupa LabVIEW for Measurement and Data Analysis AICTE, STTP Government 273,000.00 273,000.00 May, 2019 Completed
12 2018-2019 Dr. M. Maheswari Research Laboratory for Power Quality Analysis and Enrichment AICTE Government 910,980.00 910,980.00 Mar, 2020 Ongoing
13 2018-2019 Dr.Shaik Hussain Solar desalination for nano and micro hierarchical structures JNTU Hyderabad Government 285,000.00 285,000.00 Jul, 2019 Ongoing
14 2019-2020 Dr.N.Rajeswaran Skill and Personality Development Program Centre for SC/ST students(SPDC) AICTE Government 1,513,400.00 1,513,400.00 Mar, 2020 Ongoing
15 2019-2020 Dr. T. Ramachandran Performance and vibration characterrisation of Rubber Seed Oil Methyl Ester(RSME) Biodiesel based VCR Engine Mounted on AL6061 SIC- Rubber Mount AICTE Government 1,190,196.00 1,190,196.00 Aug, 2020 Ongoing
16 2019-2020 Dr. Sumathi D STTP-AICTE Sponsored “Research Methodology in Engineering and Technical Writing Using LaTeX” AICTE Government 292,000.00 292,000.00 May, 2019 Completed
17 2019-2020 Dr. Venkateshwara Eluri FDP-AICTE Sponsored “Big Data Analytics usng R, Hadoop & Spark” AICTE Government 390,000.00 390,000.00 May, 2019 Completed
18 2019-2020 Dr. G Charles Babu AICTE Sponsored “AICTE-ISTE Induction /Refresher Programmes"--ADVANCED TRAINING PROGRAM ON TEACHING AICTE Government 300,000.00 300,000.00 Mar, 2020 Ongoing
19 2020-2021 Dr N.Subbu Lakshmi AICTE Sponsored FDP--"Teaching-Pedagogical Intelligence" AICTE Government 434,000.00 434,000.00 Jul, 2020 Ongoing
20 2020-2021 Dr.K.Rajendra Prasad Modernization of Microwave Engineering lab AICTE (MODROB) Government 559,216.00 559,216.00 Jul, 2020 Ongoing

Other Grants

S.No Funding Agency Title of the Scheme Name of the Project / Programme Name of the Principal Investigator / Coordinator Amount Sanctioned (INR) Amount Deposited (INR) Amount Deposited Date Status of the Project F. No
1 TSPCB(Telangana State Pollution Control Board) Workshop Environmental Pollution due to Civil and Mining Activities Institute Level 25,000.00 25,000.00 08-07-2015 Completed Lr. No. TSPCB/PR/ Advt/2015
2 AICTE-ISTE FDP Engineering Drawing an Effective Teaching Methodology Dr. S. Sudhakara Reddy 300,000.00 300,000.00 03-12-2018 Completed and submitted report to AICTE ISTE/AICTE-ISTE FDP-1-3326057193/2018 12-03-2018
3 AICTE UBA Assistance for awareness, Gram Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP) study, need assessment Dr. S. Sudhakara Reddy 50,000.00 50,000.00 25-07-2019 Completed and submitted report to AICTE IIT Delhi/ Unnat Bharat Abhiyan Program/Mail 25-07-2019
4 AICTE Solar Explosive Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur FDP on Blasting in Mining Institute Level 20,000.00 20,000.00 22-11-2019 Completed and submitted report to AICTE Funded by Non Govt organization
5 Higher Education Depart., TEQIP-II SC 1.2 State Project Facilitation Unit (SPFU)TEQIP-II SC 1.2 Institute Level 40,000,000.00 32,000,000.00 02-09-2017 Completed and Audited by TEQIP Auditors NSC/MHRD/TEQIP/-II/798 16-07-2011