Benefits Accrued by Autonomous Status

It gives us immense satisfaction to state that ours is an autonomous college. The college was conferred autonomous status under JNTUH during 2011-12 and was also by UGC in 2014.

An autonomous college carries a prestigious image for its stakeholders- students, faculty, parents, alumni and local community.

Autonomy is actually earned out of continued past efforts on academic performances, capability of self governance and the kind of quality education an intuition offers.
Autonomy reflects efforts for excellence in academic performances, capability of self governance and enhancement in the quality of education.

An autonomous college provides a host of benefits to its stakeholders.It has the freedom to:
(i) Determine and prescribe its own courses of study and syllabi, and restructure and redesign the courses to suit local needs;
(ii) Offer student-centric wide choice in courses, wide range of electives and freedom in choice of courses;
(iii) Periodical change in syllabi as per changing needs;
(iv) Prescribe rules for admission in consonance with the reservation policy of the state government;
(v) Evolve methods of assessment of students’ performance, the conduct of examinations and notification of results;
(vi) Use modern tools of educational technology to achieve higher standards and greater creativity; and
(vii) Promote healthy practices such as community service, extension activities, projects for the benefit of the society at large, neighborhood programmes, etc.

The examination system
In an autonomous college students’ performance is examined internally and externally. Continuous assessment and range of assessment options are utilized. To ensure fairness and justice to students, various alternatives are adopted in the examination system.

Provisional Certificate
An autonomous college can give a provisional degree certificate. Since the examinations are conducted by the College and the results are also declared it, the college sends a list of successful candidates with their final Grades and Grade Point Averages including CGPA to the University. With the prior permission of the University, the college will be entitled to give the provisional certificate.