MREC - Lecture Capturing System

  • MREC Lecture Capture system is an automated audio-video recording solution for class room lectures.
  • It provides access to classroom video lectures and activities in online. Students can access the recorded video lectures and other materials from anywhere through laptops, tablets and Android platforms.
  • Lecture Capture System— Better Learning through Recorded class room Video lectures
  • Students can watch the missed/completed classroom recordings – anytime; anywhere; any place.
  • Students can access the video lectures anytime, anywhere (through internet access if you stay outside the college also.
  • Discover new types of created content to supplement classroom lectures
  • Collaborate, which improves comprehension
  • Achieve a deeper and more current understanding
  • Use tools for easy revision, asking questions and interacting with peers.
  • Focus on understanding the class rather than taking notes
  • Availability of all contents at one place
  • Students can ask questions anytime through discussion forum.
  • Follow People/ Topics – Follow people and topics to learn from them and take advantage of peer learning.
  • Content Catalog – Content catalog has all the courses that are being taught in college on lecture capture platform.