Alumni Association


The college has constituted Alumni Association with a view to establish and strengthen close relation of its alumni with the college. The association enables the alumni to continue their association in a variety of ways such as enabling them to be the stake holders in revising the vision and mission of the college and to participate in various activities such as graduation ceremonies, technical fests, exhibitions. The association maintains and updates all the pertinent information about its alumni in its database. The association serves as a platform/forum for the alumni for exchange of ideas on academic, cultural and social matters. Organizing and coordinating reunion activities of the Alumni, supporting scholarships and fundraising initiatives are some of the prominent activities of the Alumni Association.


To guide and assist alumni in pursuits that are useful to society and to their personal and professional advancement in an ambience of creativity, innovation and ethics


To nurture students’ sense of belonging and community by enabling them to participate in annual events and reunions.

To create a platform that disseminates relevant information about emerging areas of study and research.

To utilize the expertise and the service of the alumni in the overall development of the institution.


To arrange annual events and reunions of significance to alumni, college and existing students.

To maintain and update all pertinent details of the alumni.

To provide a network of talented and aspirational young professionals.

Alumni Coordinator Details

Alumni Member
Mr. B Kiran Kumar Reddy
Assistant Professor, MBA
Alumni Coordinator
Dr. D.S.Chandra Mouli
Assistant Professor, ME
Alumni Coordinator
Mr. V Naga Raju
Assistant Professor, H&S
Alumni Member
Dr. M Nithin Varma
Assoc Professor, ECE