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MREC(A), Hyderabad.

Description about vision statement:  A vision statement describes what our Institute will look like in the future. It is an inspirational description of present conditions and where the organization is going in the near future. It is an extension of the emotions and feelings of the MREC(A) family.

College Vision :

A Culture of excellence, the hallmark of MREC as world class education center to impart Technical Knowledge in an ambience of humanity, wisdom, intellect, creativity with ground breaking discovery, in order to nurture the students to become Globally competent committed professionals with high discipline, compassion and ethical values.

Q. 1. Do you think our vision statement captures where we are heading as an organization? *

Description about mission statement:  Our mission statement describes our fundamental and unique purpose. It answers the question "How will we achieve our vision?" 

College Mission statement: 

Commitment to progress in mining new knowledge by adopting cutting edge technology to promote academic growth by offering state of art Under graduate and Post graduate programmes based on well-versed perceptions of Global areas of specialization to serve the Nation with Advanced Technical knowledge.

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