Ministry of Education Innovation Council

MIC Team Details

MIC President
Dr A Rama Swamy Reddy
Director & Professor, CSE
MIC Vice President
Dr. S.Udaya Bhaskar
Professor, ME
MIC Convenor
Dr. Thumu Srinivas Reddy
Assoc Professor, ECE
MIC Innovation & Start-Up Activity Coordinator
Dr. M Nithin Varma
Assoc Professor, ECE
MIC EDC Coordinator
Assoc Professor, CE
MIC IPR Activity Coordinator
Dr. J. Uday Bhaskar
Professor, EEE
MIC Social Media Coordinator
Mr Kesava Vamsi Krishna V.
Assoc Professor, H&S
MIC NIRF Innovation Coordinator
Dr Duvvuru Raja Reddy
Assoc Professor, EEE
MIC Department IIC Coordinator
Ashfar Ahmed
Assistant Professor, H&S
MIC Department IIC Coordinator
Dr. P. Marimuthu
Professor, EEE
MIC Department IIC Coordinator
Dr. Sima Sahu
Assoc Professor, ECE
MIC Department IIC Coordinator
Dr. T. Venkata Deepthi
Assoc Professor, ME
MIC Department IIC Coordinator
Dr. Venkata Rathnam Ukkurthi
Assoc Professor, CE
MIC Department IIC Coordinator
Mr V. Vinod Kumar
Assistant Professor, Mining
MIC Department IIC Coordinator
Mr. B Kiran Kumar Reddy
Assistant Professor, MBA
MIC Department IIC Coordinator
Mr. M. Jaganmohan Reddy
Assistant Professor, CSE AIML
MIC Department IIC Coordinator
Mr. Mendu Uday Bhaskar
Assistant Professor, CE
MIC Department IIC Coordinator
Mr. P. Uday
Assistant Professor, CSE
MIC Department IIC Coordinator
Ms. D. Rabiya Begum
Assistant Professor, CSE CS
MIC Department IIC Coordinator
Ms. Devi Sravani
Assistant Professor, IT
MIC Department IIC Coordinator
Ms. U. Shireesha
Assistant Professor, CSE DS
MIC Department IIC Coordinator
Ms. V. Anuja
Assistant Professor, CSE IOT

About MIC

  • In the year 2018, the Ministry of Education (MoE) through MoE’s Innovation Cell (MIC) launched the Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) program in collaboration with AICTE for Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) to systematically foster the culture of innovation and start-up ecosystem in education institutions.
  • In this regard MREC established Institution's Innovation Council in 2018-19 academic year.
  • IICs’ role is to engage large number of faculty, students and staff in various innovation and entrepreneurship related activities such as ideation, Problem solving, Proof of Concept development, Design Thinking, IPR, project handling and management at Pre-incubation/Incubation stage, etc., so that innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.
  • IIC model is unique and distinct as it integrates the functionalities of flexibility calendar activities, scoring and reward system, decentralizing operation with division of work, progress monitoring and incentive mechanisms in coordinated manner through a robust digital platform.

    1. Faculty Representation:

    1.1. President –Faculty representative will be nominated by Head of the Institute.


    • The President will constitute the IIC council and appoint its members.  He/She is responsible for ensuring that Quarterly Council Meeting is planned effectively. Conduct Council Meeting in accordance with prescribed rules and that matters are dealt with in an orderly, efficient manner.
    • He/ She will lead the IIC Council.
    • He/ She will have the IIC portal Login ID and will be the custodian of IIC portal login and data/ reports uploaded therein.
    • He/ She will call the meetings, set meeting agenda and will monitor the deliverable.
          He/ She will be the main point of contact with MHRD Innovation Cell
  •    He/ She will respond to all communication from IIC National Coordination team (MHRD Innovation Cell) and will be responsible to ensure decent performance of IIC.

    • He/ She will coordinate with MHRD innovation cell and responsible for all the IIC activities in the institute.
    • He/ She will ensure Institution’s participation in IIC calendar activity and take lead in the institution driven activities (own initiatives).
    • He/ She will ensure the effective implementation of IIC activities with the help of Convenor.
    • He could change the council members as per the decision taken in council meetings and update the information on portal.

    • He/ She will be responsible for submitting the monthly progress/activity reports on the IIC portal

  •        1.1.1. Vice President-

  • It is an Honorary post for a senior expert representative from Industry/Ecosystem enablers. He/She can be from faculty representative as well in case no experts are available. 

    1.2. Convener -  Preferably Incubation in charge of institute or Faculty with Entrepreneurship Experience or Interest.

    The Convenor will work in close coordination with IIC president and will provide help wherever required for smooth conduction of activities.

    • He/ She will ensure the participation in the meeting and will prepare the meeting agenda at least 10 days prior to meeting with the inputs from all valuable council members and President.
    • He/ She will ensure that the internal examination dates would not interfere with the IIC activities and coordinate with all departments to ensure the same.

    • He/ She will collect the inputs from all the members of the council at regular interval, especially external members for better planning of IIC activities and effective delivery of results

    1.3. Innovation activity coordinator: Will work to promote innovation related activities on campus or as mandated in IIC council meeting 

    1.4. Start-up activity coordinator:Will work to boost startup generation among students and related activities or as mandated in IIC council meeting

    1.5. Internship coordinator: Will work to arrange student internships in startups, so to expose them with startup ecosystem in India, real-life challenges in startup and their success stories or as mandated in IIC council meeting

    1.6. IPR activity coordinator:To promote awareness about IPRs and conduct related activities on campus

    1.7. Social Media Coordinator:

    Will create and manage IIC page/account on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and other relevant social media platforms. He / She will be responsible for posting all the relevant information about council meeting resolution and action plan, IIC activities and follow/tag MIC/IIC page and posts on these platforms.

    He/ She will also ensure that all students follow MIC/IIC page/account on social media to get first-hand information.

    1.8. ARIIA Coordinator: Coordinate for ARIIA related activities.

    1.9. NIRF coordinatorCoordinate for NIRF related activities.


    1.10. Members – No limit

    2. Expert Representation: Members (Minimum 3 representative from following)

    2.1. IP Expert/ Patent Expert:

    Patent expert could be any registered patent agent/lawyer or the subject matter expert/faculty who have sufficient years of experience in the IPR domain.

    • He/ She would suggest points related to patent and technology transfer in the council meeting.

    • He/ She would also play a key role in the IPR workshops scheduled in the IIC calendar with in that institute

    2.2. Startup / Alumni entrepreneur: Alumni network of any institution is the most valuable resource of any Institution. The role of alumni entrepreneur is to guide not only the council in the matters of startup ecosystem but to also guide the students of the institution. He/ She can share his success story as an entrepreneur/innovator 

    2.3. Expert from nearby Industry/ Industry association/ Ecosystem Enablers: 

    He/ She will attend the council meeting on regular basis (quarterly).

    • Technical Expert would play the role of mentor/guide to the institute students.
    • He/ She will help in organizing institute level idea Competition/Hackathon by suggesting suitable problem statements or theme.
    • He/ She will give his inputs in council meetings about the latest trends in technologies and feasibility of the idea/point discussed

    2.4. FI/Bank/Investor/Angel Investor/VC:

    He/ She will attend the  council meeting on regular basis (quarterly).

    • His/ Her role is to give information about loan schemes, grant and investments regarding startup and entrepreneurship.
    • He/ She will also arrange meetings with investors/sponsor for the events organized by the institute based on the IIC calendar/guidelines.

    2.5. Nearby Incubation Centre:

    He/ She will attend the general council meeting on regular basis (quarterly).

    • He/ She will help the IIC in conducting idea workshops/ competition/ Hackathon/ bootcamps etc.

    • He/ She will also help the IIC in identifying ideas from IIC events and provide mentoring, incubation guidance and business network support

    3. Student Representation: will help Faculty coordinators to carry out various activities.Student coordinators will act as a medium of communication between IIC and institute students. He/ She will understand the concept, idea and method of participation in IIC activities and disseminate it to all the students. He/ She will act as a volunteer for IIC programs and will support respective faculty coordinators

    3.1. Innovation coordinator –Up to 10 Members

    3.2. Startup coordinator –Up to 10 Members

    3.3. Internship coordinator –Up to 10 Members

    3.4. IPR coordinator –Up to 10 Members

    3.5. Social Media coordinator –Up to 10 Members

    3.6. General Members- No Limit