Infrastructure Policy

The infrastructure provided includes the following:

  1. Adequate Land
  2. Smart Class Rooms
  3. Laboratories
  4. Central and Departmental Libraries
  5. Research & Development Facility
  6. Innovation Centre
  7. Conference Halls
  8. Faculty chambers/cabins
  9. Wash rooms
  10. Purified Drinking water
  11. Internet with Wi Fi facility
  12. Ladies rooms
  13. Canteen
  14. Students activity centre
  15. Sports & Gym
  16. Hostel
  17. Electricity & Power Back-up
  18. Transport
  19. Medical facilities
  20. Bank
  21. ATM

Infrastructure Policy
Mall Reddy Engineering College (A) has well defined policies in respect of various infrastructure facilities provided in the campus

  1. Land
  2. Land is the basic requirement for providing any infrastructure and hence the policy, ever since the institution was started, was to provide sufficient land, not only to meet the present requirement but to cater to the requirement of future expansion in years to come on long run. 

  3. Class rooms including smart class rooms
  4. Majority of the time the students are going to spend their time in the class rooms and hence, the policy is to have spacious, well ventilated, provided with comfortable furniture, ceiling fans and with teaching aids like black board, LCD Projector, internet and Wi Fi facility.

  5. Laboratories
  6. With regard to laboratories, the policy is to have the state-of-the-art laboratory facility separately for UG and PG Students, which are upgraded based on the revision of syllabus from time to time. The equipment, instruments and other facilities will not only the basic knowledge, but also advanced aspects. The laboratories also serve the research and consultancy activities along with students’ project works and faculties Ph.D. activities.

  7. Central and Departmental Libraries
  8. Library, which is upgraded on continuous basis with books, journals and proceedings including E-books & Journals, is the heart of any educational institution to promote academics and research of students and faculty and hence utmost care is taken in designing the building having sufficient pace for all activities including reading rooms, computers for e-learning, etc. and provided all facilities with sufficient recurring funds.

  9. Research & Development
  10. MREC believes that the real progress of any educational institution can be measured with the research and development activity. Therefore, research and development facilities like library, laboratory equipment, consumables, etc. are provided in each department for the students and faculty.

  11. Innovation Centre
  12. The management believes that the mantra to excel in academics is innovation and hence adequate facilities are provided and upgraded on regular basis to encourage innovation in all fields by faculty and students.

  13. Conference Halls
  14. In addition to the academics, the students and faculty are encouraged to conduct and participate in co-curricular activities like conferences, seminars, workshops, Faculty Development Programs very frequently and hence conference rooms of ample capacity with modern facilities like , public address systems, air-conditioning, comfortable seating facility, etc. in the departments and as central facilities are made available.

  15. Canteen
  16. People with empty stomach cannot discharge their duties and hence canteen(s) with variety food, beverages, fruits and desserts at subsidized rates will go a long way in the performance of the students and faculty. This also encourages the students and faculty to work beyond office hours for producing phenomenal results in their respective fields.

  17. Faculty chambers/cabins
  18. Faculty require privacy during the non-class hours for preparing for the classes, carrying out research and consultancy activities, development for the laboratories, discussing with students, interacting with parents, etc. and hence, faculty cabins with computer and internet facilities are provided along with good furniture. These also serve the purpose of storing their reading materials and other things required by the department.

  19. Wash rooms
  20. Attend to the natures calls being an absolute essential requirement, clean and tidy wash rooms of adequate numbers in close proximity to their work with adequate water, separate for gents and ladies are vital

  21. Purified Drinking water
  22. Many of the health disorders are drinking water related. To keep away from such issues purifies, clean, cool and wholesome drinking water of adequate quantity is provided in each floor.

  23. Internet with Wi Fi facility
  24. With the click of a button gamut of information can be accessed with Internet. So it has become an important to have internet facility of high speed for students and faculty to gain knowledge related to all the activities of their interest.

  25. Ladies rooms
  26. It is essential that the lady faculty and students, irrespective of their number, are endowed with separate rooms with absolute privacy and other facilities and hence believed to be a priority infrastructure and provided.

  27. Students activity centre
  28. Recreation refreshes the mind and hence helps to enhance their performance. Different art, cultural and technical events and activities are essential. These activates also bring out hidden talents of students in various fields.

  29. Sports & Gym
  30. The saying “Healthy mined in a health body” can be fulfilled by physical activities like sports, games, athletics and gym. This facility under able guidance helps develop national and international talent amongst the students and faculty. Believing this principle, MREC has provided vary high quality facilities for various games, sports and gym in the campus with qualified and experienced Physical Directors.

  31. Hostel
  32. Home away from home is hostel. Therefore, hostel, separately for boys and girls, with excellent facilities are provided abetting the campus. The facilities include tasty and hygienic food of student’s choice, purified drinking water, internet with Wi Fi, hot water, mini library, indoor games, etc. are provided. The facilities and the care given to the students prevent them from becoming homesick also.

  33. Electricity & Power Back-up
  34. Electricity is the basic requirement for any activity in the modern world and hence adequate power supply with sufficient back-up arrangement with generators is provided.

  35. Transport
  36. Being located close to the twin cities and also not being a fully residential institution, where majority of the students and all the staff travel from various parts of the twin cities to reach the college. Being aware of the difficulties required to be faced in reaching the college effortlessly in time through various modes of transport, MREC management has provided college busses from every nook and corner of the city. College staff are permitted to avail the facility at very nominal charges.

  37. Medical facilities
  38. Medical requirements are likely to arise for the students and staff while in the campus. Very well understanding this requirement, ambulance facelifts and subsidised medical facilities are made available in the sister concern Malla Reddy Narayana Multi Speciality Hospital located within a distance of 6.0 km.

  39. Bank
  40. Banking requirements are essential requirements for carrying out various financial transactions for the management, students and staff and hence facelifts are provided to a bank to house their branch in the campus.

  41. ATM
  42. Handling of money like withdrawing and depositing any time during the day without depending on the banking hours is a great resource. The students and staff need not move out of the campus to meet all their banking requirements