IPR Cell

About IPR

Intellectual property Rights have become significant issue of discussion in last 10-15 year with the emergence of WTO agreement on intellectual property rights. Intellectual property rights is an umbrella term that includes Patents, Copy rights, Trade Marks, Design Registration, Plant Variety, Trade Secrets and Geographical Indications. Research and Innovation in our country emerge both from industry as well as academic institutions. In today’s era where intellectual property Rights are globally enforceable, we need to develop a conducive environment where we can impart knowledge of patents, Copyrights, Geographical Indications and other IPRs to our young generation so they can equip to create innovations and can protect their intellectual Property Rights including their innovation and creativity.

The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Cell has been setup from 2016 in the Malla Reddy Engineering College (MREC) to promote awareness and provide a basic knowledge on intellectual property and to encourage students towards creation of IPR and procedure of filling the patents at national & international level. The major objectives of the cell are to organize technical programs to generate awareness among staff on IPR and thus nurturing students as research scholars, technocrats, professionals, industrialists, grass root innovators, etc. It aims to increase the Intellectual Property output of the Staff and students by facilitating and guiding people from different walks of life. The IPR cell will provide financial, technical and legal assistance for filling patents/ copyrights and facilitates to access patent related documents.

Intellectual Property rights strive to encourage, creativity and innovation, which in turn leads to generation of Intellectual property. Protection of Intellectual Property so generated is necessary to provide security, stimulation and incentives for sustained and enhanced output. The IPR Cell is constantly striving towards strengthening linkage with organizations to leverage its registered design further.