ICT Facilities

The institution has adequate ICT facilities for teaching-learning as described below:

  1. Classrooms

    The institution has 83 well-furnished and ventilated classrooms of minimum 66 sqm area for conducting teaching-learning activities with the following facilities:

    1. Seating for 65 students
    2. LCD projector with screen
    3. Wi-Fi internet facility
    4. Blackboard
    5. Provision for connecting PC or laptop
    6. Provision for public addressing system
  2. Tutorial Rooms

    The institution has 24 well-furnished and ventilated rooms with minimum 33 sqm area for conducting tutorial classes with the following facilities:

    1. Seating for 30 students
    2. Wi-Fi internet facility
    3. Blackboard
  3. Computer Centre

    The institution has a 3 computer centers with 180 desktop PCs connected over LAN with internet facility and is accessible to all students and faculty members for teaching-learning, research and development, and other academic activities.

  4. Seminar Halls

    The institution has Six seminar halls with each hall having more than 132 sqm area which are used for conducting guest lectures, seminars, tech talks, group discussions, debates, role plays, etc. and have the following facilities:

    1. Seating for 150 students
    2. LCD projectors with screen
    3. Public addressing system
    4. Blackboard
    5. Wi-Fi internet facility
    6. PC
  5. Smart Classroom

    Keeping the advancements in teaching-learning technologies in view, the institution has setup one smart classroom with the facilities listed below. The institution is also planning to setup at least one smart classroom under each department in the near future.

    1. Desktop/laptop
    2. Document camera
    3. Interactive whiteboard
    4. LCD projector
    5. Digital camera
    6. Wireless microphone
    7. Speakers
    8. Cloud-based communication system
    9. Skype
    10. Edmodo
  6. Computing equipment

    The institution has 2130 desktop PCs exclusively for teaching-learning purposes for students and faculty members under all the departments with latest hardware and software. All the PCs are connected in LAN and have restricted access to internet facilities. The institution also has 75 printers and 15 scanners. The campus is Wi-Fi enabled and is accessible to all students and faculty members